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About the Artist...

Jory began his formal artistic training studying with the master draughtsman Ben Long IV and soon after began an apprenticeship with him painting frescos in the United States and Italy.

Glazener later set up a studio in Florence, Italy and continued his formal artistic education studying drawing at the Florence Academy of Art and also with the eminent Sergey Chubirko at the Russian Academy of Art, Florence.  


After many years, focused primarily on drawing, Jory shifted his focus to teaching himself color and to paint. For the last decade he has been furthering his artistic studies, traveling around the world working and studying directly from nature.


His mastery of the fundamentals allow him to work very quickly, without the aid of photography, to capture very subtle shifts and details of a single light moment. Longer studies aside, the majority of his work is completed in 2-3 hours, the time for the moment to pass. This results in a very pure and strong representation of the subject.

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